About us

In 2017, Asociacion Cleanwave was created as a non-profit initiative that sets out to reduce plastic water bottles by creating a network of water refill points across the Balearic Islands.

In 2020, the organisation shifted to become the established Cleanwave Foundation, currently mobilizing 3 initiatives:

Although we are still highly dependent on donations and grants, as an organisation we strive to become self-sustainable, by creating income generating activities that help to “feed” the Foundation and provide stability for the projects and the team.

These include providing water solutions for events, selling Cleanwave bottles, offering educational camps and workshops. This in turn allows us to offer these same services for free to events and to children/schools who have limited resources.

In order to manage the “trade” of merchandise and services, Cleanwave SL was established as an “engine” to generate income for the Foundation. The Cleanwave SL handles all imports and sales of Cleanwave stainless steel bottles, as well as sourcing and import of public water fountains, from which proceeds are used to pay salaries, running operational costs and offer financial security to the 3 initiatives established within the Foundation.

The non-profit Cleanwave Foundation and the Cleanwave SL work in tandem, ensuring a more self-sustainable financial model for the organisation.

Similarly, MedGardens is deploying a diverse range of creative fundraising channels, adding micro-entrepreneurship ventures to increase outreach and fundraising capabilities, soon expected to be functional and productive.

However, while we are working hard in making our finances self-sustainable and resilient, we appreciate any support in acquiring the needed funding to consolidate structures and finances.

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